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Top 10 Brands

We reveal the iconic favorites best placed to grow in the short and longer-term future.

  • 1
    - Baby Items
  • 2
    - Household Supplies
  • 3
    - Soft Drinks
  • 4
    - Household Supplies
  • 5
    - Personal Care
  • 6
    - Baby Items
  • 7
    - Household Supplies
  • 8
    - Confectionery / Candy
  • 9
    - Confectionery / Candy
  • 10
    - Soft Drinks

Take a Closer Look at the Top 3 Brands

Highlight Gerber Chart

Gerber is the winner

Gerber exceeds the average on almost every attribute, particularly against the dimensions of ‘has a clear vision of the future’ and ‘makes lives better.’

While Indispensability, Authenticity, Mission, Consistency, and Attachment are its strongest attributes, it has clear opportunities to grow on Innovation and Seamlessness.

Facing growing competition from store brands and newer entrants, Gerber’s ability to hold onto its category leadership will require it to increase its focus on innovation, developing products that reflect the needs of next-generation parents and babies.

"It's a very good baby food brand that contributes to the health of babies." Female, 21-34 years, Midwest

Highlight Tide Chart

Tide plays a fundamental and meaningful role in consumers’ lives.

On the Purpose attributes, the household supply brand outperforms in Mission and Indispensability.

Although it secured the top spot in Resource Management compared to the Top 100 - showing that consumers have noticed its sustainability efforts such as its initiative to wash in cold water - the brand still has room to improve on this attribute and establish itself as a sustainability leader outside of the category.

Tide falls short on the Story attribute, suggesting it could further extend its narrative beyond cleaning clothes to develop a more personal connection with consumers that acknowledges their everyday struggles and successes outside the laundry room.

"Well known, best product compared to others, leaves clothes fresh and clean" - Male, 45-54 years, West

Highlight Gatorade Chart

Gatorade connects with athletes and everyday people

Gatorade’s high performance in Inspiration, Innovation, and Though Leadership compared to the category and top 100 reflects its ability to connect with athletes and everyday people, acknowledges its efforts to stay ahead in flavor and format advancements.

Yet, Gatorade lags in the attributes of Respect, Premium, and Resource Management. This suggests that, while consumers recognize its bigger purpose to ignite their potential and appreciate its efforts to engage and excite them, consumers perceive a lack of significant societal impact and sustainability efforts and don’t feel the brand warrants a premium price.

Gatorade has an opportunity to foster deeper relationships with consumers, expanding from an inspiring and exciting brand to one that has a more positive effect on society.

"It is always coming out with new flavors, and trying to be updated." Male, 35-44 years, South

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