FutureBrand is a brand-led business transformation company. 

We believe that brand is behaviour. For too long, brand has been thought of as intangible when in fact it is a highly pragmatic business tool that ensures products, services, environments and employees show up in the world in ways that are consistent with their organisation’s purpose and ambition.

We exist to make brand tangible for our clients by connecting brand to experience and design creativity that in turn connects to marketing and business outcomes. This ensures both commercial accountability and that our work stands out and endures over time.

Meet our leadership team

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Nick sykes v1

Nick Sykes

As Global CEO, Nick is responsible for leading FutureBrand and its team of 600 people based in many of the most exciting cities across the world.

Global CEO

Jon tipple v1

Jon Tipple

Jon is passionate about bringing category-redefining creativity to the world’s most significant brands and businesses.

Global Chief Strategy Officer

Future brand Lauren Maynard

Lauren Maynard

Lauren oversees FutureBrand’s global marketing and strategic growth, across our 20+ offices, worldwide.

Global Chief Growth Officer

Simon bent v1

Simon Bent

Heading up our finance function, Simon is responsible for driving greater consistency and relevance in financial reporting, that in turn will drive our global business strategy.

Global Chief Financial Officer

Joe Lampertius

Joe Lampertius

Joe leads an expert team of Human-Centered Design Thinkers, as Makers of What Should Be.

CEO, ChaseDesign

Future brand gl alessandra

Alessandra Iovinella

Alessandra is passionate about brands and their evolution.

Managing Director, FutureBrand Milan

Gianni tozzi

Gianni Tozzi

Gianni oversees the entire creative output of FutureBrand across both the European and Asian markets.

Chief Creative Officer, International


Simon Hill

Simon is committed to creating meaningful brand experiences across every touchpoint for our clients.

President, FutureBrand North America

Future brand gl queenie

Queenie Lo

Queenie is the Chief Executive Officer of UXUS, a leading international strategic design consultancy delivering innovative consumer experience solutions.

Chief Executive Officer UXUS

Future brand gl stephen barber

Stephen Barber

Stephen leads FutureBrand’s brand-led customer experience offer to strengthen the link between brand purpose and the everyday experiences they give their customers.

Chief Experience Officer FutureBrand

Future brand gl george

George Gottl

George is the Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of UXUS, creating innovative consumer experience solutions for clients such as McDonald’s, NIKE, and InterContinental Hotels Group.

Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder UXUS

Future brand gl polly hopkins

Polly Hopkins

Polly brings over 15 years of experience in branding, communications and business transformation to FutureBrand.

Managing Director, FutureBrand London


Gustavo Koniszczer

Gustavo Koniszczer leads the company's activities across five offices: Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Lima, Bogotá and Mexico City.

Managing Director FutureBrand Hispanic America

Future Brand Tas

Tasneem Ali

Tasneem brings varied experience in advertising, branding and design has helped to develop a broad, cross-cultural perspective on brand led solutions.

Chief Creative Officer

Future brand gl richard curtis

Richard Curtis

Richard has contributed to a wide range of significant branding programs, all in the name of driving business transformation and many of which have been awarded by D&AD, Cannes Lions, Brand New, Rebrand and Transform.

CEO FutureBrand Australia

Future brand gl sophie

Sophie Cheng

Sophie is dedicated in transforming Chinese brands into the world‘s leading future brands with FutureBrand’s advanced brand management theories and methodology.

General Manager FutureBrand China

Future Brand Helene Pirel

Helene Pirel

Hélène firmly believes brands possess transformative power and strives to assist them in harnessing it for a better future.

General Manager

Future brand gl ewerton

Ewerton Mokarzel

Ewerton has worked in the FutureBrand offices in Singapore and Australia before becoming FutureBrand São Paulo’s CEO & Partner.

CEO & Partner, FutureBrand São Paulo

Our Values

We are powered by a shared set of values that put difference and diversity at our core, because the future that our brands create has to be a future for us all.

Being progressive has always been about optimism, momentum and openness. Staying progressive means also ensuring what we do is underpinned by embracing a rich diversity of talents, perspectives and ideas. Only when we have heard from all can we be sure what we do and who we are, have what it takes to stand out and be truly future-proof.

We are comfortable with and open to challenge and change. We live and work in a vibrant, diverse and dynamic world. To thrive, brands need to balance the timeless with the contemporary, art with science and continually step between facts, data and creativity - which means we must too.

We believe that ideas get better when they are inherently diverse and shared in highly inclusive ways. We reject traditional hierarchies and want to hear from those who think differently from us. We truly believe that bringing different people together makes great things happen. This is a fundamental benefit of being a global business and we need to make it count.

We champion the diversity and equity of opinions, ideas, skills and perspectives for the difference it brings and the value it creates for all. We believe that diversity, equity and inclusion empowers and are therefore core to our people and our business. We invest in each other’s growth and ensure every person’s professional path is well-paved.

Our Capabilities

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  • Brand & portfolio architecture
  • Branded environments
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand management & governance
  • Brand purpose & positioning
  • Content management
  • Design strategy
  • Digital experience design
  • Digital strategy & analytics
  • Effectiveness modelling 
  • EVP & employee engagement
  • Insights, foresight & trends
  • Marketing automation
  • Naming
  • Packaging design
  • Product & service innovation
  • Retail & hospitality
  • Service design
  • Service integration
  • Technical architecture
  • Tone of voice & messaging
  • Visual & verbal identity
  • Web & mobile development
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Our Company Structure

FutureBrand is a collaborative group defined by core expertise areas.

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Future Brand

Brand-led business transformation company through brand strategy and experience design.

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Brand transformation through experience premiumisation.

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Chase Design

Product, packaging & environmental design.

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