The FutureBrand Country Brand Index

Our future is shaped by forces at a macroeconomic, political and social level.

Consumer and corporate brand decision making needs to be understood in the context of those forces, so that we can create a future that resolves tensions between what society wants today and needs tomorrow.

Where brands are made, the geographic location of businesses and the regulatory forces shaping global trade and industry are fundamental to our understanding of the future.

Which is why FutureBrand produces the world’s largest and longest standing global study of country brand perception.

Made In Report


The Made In Report

In today’s competitive and marketing savvy world, branding is accepted as a fundamental strategy for competitive advantage and success. And countries, like companies, are beginning to use branding to help them market themselves for investment, tourism and exports. Therefore, it has become increasingly important to understand the power and value of ‘Country of Origin’.

This new, FutureBrand report - The Made In Report - focusing on origin and provenance of brands, and the effect these factors have on consumers' desire to purchase goods, delves into what it takes to make a strong Country of Origin brand through a blend of quantitative, qualitative and social/online research.

Read the findings and insights by downloading the full report here.

Made In China Report

China’s top-ten ranking demonstrates that the country is undergoing an evolutionary shift in how it is perceived as a Country of Origin. It is evolving from a centre of low-cost, low-tech manufacturing, to a global player in more high-skilled sectors, most notably technology, electronics and fashion.

Read the findings and insights by downloading the full report here and Made In China Infographic here