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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to create a more positive future.

The future is created one decision at a time, and brands inform the most important decisions we make.

From what we eat to how we invest our money and the direction of our major corporations. But people tend to make decisions irrationally and with their feelings – driven by what we want now, rather than what we need tomorrow.

A future brand understands this. And is designed to avoid the compromise between what we think and how we feel, or the short and long term.

Which means it can be tasty and healthy, ethical and profitable, luxurious and environmentally friendly.

In fact, the brands that help people manage this tension always succeed, and often shape the future of their market.

We believe that the more future brands there are in the world, and the more people that choose them every day, the better the future will be.

Our mission is to be the world’s leading creative consultancy for future brand expertise. This is what helps us to focus our efforts and be the best partner possible for our clients in the service of creating a more positive future.

Our values are creative, adaptable, positive and entrepreneurial. These guide our behaviours as people. You can expect them from us, because we ask them of ourselves.

‘A future brand understands this.

It is designed to avoid the compromise between what we think and how we feel, or the short and long term.’​

Our Principles

Our work is guided by two simple principles.

It is easier to create the future if you can visualise it.

We have a unique foresight tool that helps to imagine a believable future for your brand, show what it will look like, then plan how you will deliver it in the short, medium and long term. All in the service of growth against a unifying brand vision. Everyone who works with us gets foresight, and it works for everyone.

When you help to create a brand, it matters more to you.

We build co-creation into everything we do. From corporate brand values to consumer brand innovation, we believe the most lasting ideas are created with the people who matter most – employees, customers, partners and the wider public. Our approach offers a chance to engage with large numbers of people throughout the process to develop insights, ideas and validate our thinking. Which makes things lower risk, smarter and more engaging.

Future Positive in Action

We work with organisations such as Malaria No More as we see them as a true articulation of ‘future positive’.

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