VicenzaOro - FutureBrand



VicenzaOro is an incredible business hub for the jewellery industry that brings together the international leading players of the market. VicenzaOro is a powerful observatory for understanding the latest design and style trends of contemporary jewellery.


Evolving the VicenzaOro brand to match its international standing and create a unique brand experience by leveraging its positioning as "a refined aesthete, always open to dialogue and exchange".


Future oriented and visionary, VicenzaOro is a reference point for the entire jewellery industry, a trusted partner that stays a step ahead in spotting what’s next.

FutureBrand focused on the creation of a logo representing VicenzaOro as the leading jewellery business event company worldwide, an exclusive showcase for the creations of the most exclusive jewellery brands.

"We are proud to work with VicenzaOro in the process of shaping the future of a famous brand and creating a brand image expressing values ​​such as expertise, heritage and elegance" - Lorenzo Corengia, Senior Account Director, FutureBrand.

FutureBrand has created a monogram that reinforces the brand name and enhances its personality as a collector of excellences and an expert of future trends. The soft and organic shapes, the elegant shade of blue enriched with touches of gold create a brand image that give contemporary and powerful look to the brand.


"Working with FutureBrand has given us a truly international standing, making VicenzaOro communication more relevant and consistent throughout all the touchpoints of the brand. Our image is now stronger and more effective when it is addressed to the jewellery operators across the entire supply chain” - Marco Carniello, IEG Jewellery & Fashion Division Director.