Empowering a confident future for an iconic culinary institution


Few brands are both truly iconic and instantly synonymous of the category they pioneered. The list starts with Kleenex, Post-It and Xerox and ends, in the hearts of appetites of aspiring cooks everywhere, with Tupperware. For nearly 70 years, this food prep and storage institution has helped women around the world realize a better future for themselves and their families. And yet, the brand faced perception issues and outdated associations more indicative of a 50’s era housewife than the vibrantly modern organization Tupperware truly was. As part of an ongoing modernization engagement, FutureBrand partnered with this culinary icon to help them move confidently “beyond the bowl.”


Tupperware was at a crossroads: people the world over knew the company’s name, but didn’t fully appreciate the brand for everything it offered and empowered. Dated associations of food storage containers and Tupperware parties clouded consumer perceptions. And little awareness existed of the brand’s impressive suite of food prep and cooking innovations. 

Despite participating in UN initiatives and the Global Economic Forum, there was also low awareness for Tupperware’s mission as an organization committed to female economic empowerment—an important story to tell, especially during a time when younger audiences support authentic, purpose-driven brands more than ever. 

And while Tupperware had successfully grown beyond its American roots to establish itself as a truly global brand, it suffered from a fragmented look and feel across markets. The brand needed a refresh to ensure consistency and elevate its expression as a modern culinary experience— one that felt more premium while radiating the color and confidence Tupperware made famous.

The Solution

Tupperware already had a strong corporate mission, centered around the idea of empowering women with confidence. As the core driver of our work, we took the notion of confidence even further. Forget your antiquated associations of Tupperware being in the food storage container business. Going forward, we recommended that Tupperware be in the business of building confidence. 

From creating a nutritious meal for their family to enabling their own financial independence, women everywhere benefit from the products, knowledge, support and relationships Tupperware provides to truly transform their lives. By focusing its brand around confidence, Tupperware could both own a credible white space in the market while leveraging its existing corporate purpose to tell a more powerful, richer story. One that goes way beyond just product and prompts brand reappraisal among coveted younger audiences, while giving Tupperware’s current and prospective sales force members the spark of a new dialogue that they needed to increase sales and recruitment.



The new Tupperware positively radiates with the confidence they instill in those who sell and buy their products.

"As an iconic brand with a long history and broad name recognition, our hope with FutureBrand was to fully harness the power of our brand on the global stage," said Tupperware CEO Rick Goings, "Our new look and feel, tone of voice and brand signature, ‘Confidence Becomes You’, celebrates our purpose, who we are – and always have been – inside Tupperware and, importantly, allows us to connect with people in a simple and consistent way." 

For our efforts, we took home four gold medals at the 2016 Transform Awards, including the Grand Prix.