Tahiti - FutureBrand


A new brand for Tahiti

It was important that French Polynesia’s country brand gave adequate support for long-term strategic investment, promoting the reinvigoration of tourism in the region. This project was seen as an important milestone to build future opportunity for the people of Tahiti.


To share a fresh, compelling story for the Islands of Tahiti in an increasingly competitive global market experiences significant changes in consumer behaviour and attitudes towards luxury.



The brand idea invites us to look beyond the surface of Tahiti – reflecting a deeper, uniquely Tahitian experience of beauty and its diverse attributes, traditions and textures, all elegantly expressing Tahiti’s serene and powerful spirit.

Inspired by the sensorial and varied natural beauty of the Islands and the distinctive traditional crafts still practiced widely today, the visual identity system incorporates patterns and symbols from iconic plants and flowers found across the five archipelagos in the Islands of Tahiti.


A brand identity that celebrates the diversity of the islands’ natural beauty. As a result of FutureBrand’s work, 2014-2015 saw an increase in global visitation of 10%, reaching Tahiti Tourisme’s target of 180,000 visitors per year.