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La Redoute

La Redoute

Embodying French Lifestyle


With over 7 million unique visitors per month on the website, and a strong notoriety that reaches 99% of 18-65 year olds, the La Redoute brand is a true cultural reference for French people and over the years has become a forerunner in online ready to wear sales and an e-commerce leader in France.


Despite this, the brand still needed to modernize its image and assert its positioning as a distributor and a creator. To embody this, La Redoute had a new promise for their consumers:

« Allowing every woman to harness the famous French lifestyle and contribute to their happiness »

How do you define the concept of French Lifestyle revisited by La Redoute? And further more, how do you embody this new positioning with a new set of brand codes?


To answer these challenges, our conviction was strong: style always comes before fashion.

The French lifestyle by La Redoute is plural and diverse. There are as many French Lifestyles as there are French women, with their own values and lives. Elegance, simplicity and a touch of wittiness are hallmarks of the La Redoute universe.

We translated this conviction into a new set of visual and verbal codes for the La Redoute universe including a new icon, bespoke typography and proprietary tone of voice giving coherence to all of the brands touchpoints


As they reconnect with growth, La Redoute predicted revenue of 750 million euros in 2016 whilst launching a host of new products, opening stores, seducing new client segments and developing their activity internationally.