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La Famille K

La Famille K


Once upon a time, there was a visionary couple who decided to fulfil their dream. Here is the story of Marianne, Benoît and their daughter Jeanne. Leaving the busy and overwhelming Parisian urban life, this couple decided to dedicate their life to their genuine true passion; working the land and producing wine. They moved to Morancé to manage a 12 hectare domain in the heart of ‘Golden Stones’, France. Their humble ambition was to become well known for their Beaujolais wine, producing an organic and sustainable fine wine that anyone could afford.


Highly saturated and competitive, the wine industry is a difficult market to emerge from.

Especially for Beaujolais wines (often cheap and drained by the ‘Beaujolais nouveau’ poor quality image). Our challenge was to create a strong and original brand, while maintaining the stature of French wines and enhancing a family’s story connected to a rich and old terroir.


As a young family who had just arrived in the region that cannot benefit from reinsurance of elder generations of winegrowers, FutureBrand developed a brand and packaging identity based on a strong asset that would be hard to replicate. Wine codes have not been our benchmark, we’ve simply paid attention to Marianne, Benoît and Jeanne, trying to understand who they are and express their personality on each bottle.

Marianne, the mother, an inspiring soul for the family; Benoît, the strong father, yet with loving arms; Jeanne, the ‘cheeky-hearted’ heiress.

Instead of an austere and complex label, we’ve created a joyful and heart-lighted universe where this family could grow and express their wine vision. We gave La Famille K a coat of arms, a sign that epitomises quality, heritage for the future generations and the family as a whole. The frame will remain still and inside it several personalities will live and expand. With love.