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Air Malta

Air Malta

Creating the airline of the Maltese Islands

The preferred carrier to Malta, in addition a chance to promote Malta as a preferred destination.


Revolutionise and evolve the existing Air Malta brand strategy and creative offering to compete with the emerging competition and create greater awareness, preference, desire and advocacy for the airline itself.


As a standard bearer, Air Malta must represent the truly diverse and authentic experience of Malta and one that is both as multi-faceted and as colourful and exciting as the islands of the Maltese archipelago. The brand identity must be anchored in the ‘truths’ of Malta and its unique history, geography and culture.


By creating an airline that is '100% Maltese' we have helped Air Malta to become a proud and authentic symbol for its citizens and employees alike. Our strategy and creativity has allowed Air Malta to put '100% Maltese' at the centre of everything it does and stands for in a compelling and beautiful, new brand identity.

Aligned to a business and operations model that is more efficient and commercially focused, the new brand has helped to position Air Malta as a leading carrier through and from the Maltese islands; this is highlighted by the fact that since the new brand and business launch, Air Malta has been able to turn a profit for the first time since 2008, helping to save it from potential bankruptcy.

The effect of our work with Air Malta was signalled by the Airline's CEO, Peter Davies, in saying; "The work FutureBrand has done for Air Malta is a critical and valuable step forward towards the future success of this airline'.


Outstanding Airline Livery 2016