What Makes a Brand Future Proof?

What Makes a Brand Future Proof?

Future proof brands are not just strong today, but are primed for success in the future. This is because of their ability to consistently align the totality of the experiences they create with their wider corporate purpose.

Interestingly, this year the FutureBrand Index reveals that it is not necessarily ‘new era’ brands that are best placed to thrive in the future, indeed a number of pre-millennium, long-established and familiar companies are showing renewed momentum.


A compelling vision
for the future

Builds strong
emotional connections

Creates engaging experiences
at every touchpoint

the category

Makes your
life better

Delivers sustainable
business value

The future success formula

Strong Corporate Purpose


Better Human Experiences


More Positive Growth & Profit

This year, we have put this formula to the test by introducing and exploring four classes of company defined by the strength of their Future Proof Factor™ (FPF)

Our methodology

How did we create the list of companies?

The list of companies surveyed is derived from the 2018 PwC Global Top 100 Companies by Market Capitalisation report.

How did we determine our sample?

We surveyed 3,000 members of the informed public in 17 countries around the world (in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Turkey, South Africa, UAE, India, China, Thailand, Japan and Australia).

Respondents are not only drawn from an ‘informed public’, in that they know about the companies in question, but are also in professional jobs, including top leaders and managers. This is critical when we are asking about corporate organizations that sometimes have relatively low general public awareness.

Our partners


FutureBrand has worked closely with the Capital Markets division of PwC in the UK, who kindly provided its 2018 Global Top 100 Companies by market capitalisation ranking as the basis for this research and report. The report and its findings have been informed by Capital Markets’ experience and expertise, but FutureBrand is responsible for all views, opinion and data emerging from this research unless otherwise stated.


QRi Consulting is FutureBrand’s global research partner for the FutureBrand Index. Working in close collaboration, QRi helped to define the research approach against FutureBrand’s initial hypothesis, as well as managing recruitment, questionnaire development, and providing in-depth analysis of the qualitative and quantitative data underpinning the report. This is informed by QRi’s extensive research, brand and sector knowledge and experience as well as their proprietary QualiQuant®methodologies.

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