Country Brand Report Latin America 2019 - 2020 - FutureBrand
Country Brand Report Latin America 2019 - 2020

Country Brand Report
Latin America 2019 - 2020

The value of measuring country brands

The Country Brand Report Latin America analyzes the strength of the region's country brands over 20 nations and is based on a quantitative study and information provided by opinion leaders and frequent travelers (for business or pleasure) outside Latin America.

This report, focused on the Latin American region, reveals methodologically from our global "Country Brand Index" study that since 2005 has studied the perception and associations that countries generate, in the same way that the perception of consumer brands and corporate brands.

FutureBrand was one of the pioneers of this approach, exploring the initial hypothesis that the strength of a country's perception can positively influence people's choices to choose as places to visit, live or invest. This gives countries a competitive advantage in a global market for tourism, exports of goods and services, education and investment, while building evidence on the proactive and efficient management of country brands.


FutureBrand is the global brand and innovation consultancy with 24 offices around the world, 6 of which are located in Latin America. As a network, we combine national identities, histories and diverse experiences. As a company, we share a simple conviction: we create the future.

We have been the pioneers of Country Branding for more than a decade, having worked with Australia, Argentina, Peru, Singapore, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Saint Lucia, Dubai and Qatar, to name a few, as well as giving shape to numerous products of export with country brand - including flag airlines and sector brands - and helping to generate the brand of cities, regions and important corporations of different countries.

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