Country Brand Index

Country Brand Index

FutureBrand is one of the world-leading authorities on country brand research, creation and management.

The Country Brand Index has historically studied perceptions of 118 countries around the world in the same way we measure consumer or corporate brands – ranking them according to strength of perception across association dimensions.

The Country Brand Index is now in its second decade. In this report (2014-15), FutureBrand’s research has revealed that not all of the 75 countries studied qualify as ‘brands’. In fact, only 22 meet the criteria of a ‘country brand’ and can be shown to have a measurable competitive advantage over their peers as a result.

The Country Brand Index 2014-15 report includes an overall ranking of the 75 countries, rankings by dimension, complete perception dashboards for the top five country brands, regional leaders and averages and 'ones to watch' for the future. It will be of primary value to country brand managers, tourism, trade and investment experts keen to understand the levers they can pull for competitive advantage. But it also provides valuable insights for professional brand managers and leaders seeking to further harness country of origin associations for corporate and consumer brands.

Find out why people are more likely to visit, recommend and do business with a 'country brand' and the levers you can pull for future growth by downloading the report above. 

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