From associations to intent in destination brand marketing, an investigation

Before any tourist crosses a state line, an idea of where they’re heading begins to take shape.

Potential visitors draw from a pool of sources to develop these impressions; extending well beyond each state’s respective central tourism offices. After polling over 2,000 Americans, we discovered there isn’t a clear link between their impressions of a state and their personal connections to a destination or experience. What does this mean? How a state tells their story will tip the scales.

Leveraging branded content across websites and social channels provides a powerful means to influence the perceptions of potential visitors and ultimately, their intentions. Understanding how tourists perceive a state will determine where their brand must go.

The best state brands take into account their existing associations or address their lack. In our State Branding Report, we reveal tried and true strategies that enforce stronger state brands, attract more visitors and drive revenue. Curious how each state stacks up?

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