Zeca de Matos

Zeca de Matos

A future brand for an authentic product

Deep in the heart of Minas Gerais, Brazil, one family has perfected a recipe of cachaça that gained widespread reknown and interest for its unique taste and quality.

This recipe of cachaça handed down across generations, provided an opportunity for the De Matos family beyond their traditional estate agriculture.

The grandson of the founder of the estate, Marcos Figueiredo was determined to bring his family's gift of cachaça to the world.

As London is a cosmopolitan and vibrant capital of cocktail culture, there was an opportunity to create a new premium alcohol brand.


Could FutureBrand help create a new brand for a relatively unknown spirit in the most demanding marketplace in the world. Could a Brazilian spirit become the next big thing?

How could a unique design and story honour an authentic tradition?


FutureBrand created the brand name identity, packaging, trademark and marketing strategy and packaging for premium spirit, new to the European market.

A collaboration between FutureBrand's London, New York and São Paulo offices, with exclusive rights to carry the FutureBrand name on the bottle, Zeca was launched in 2014.


With a strong promotion strategy and a clear USP, Zeca is stocked in Harvey Nichols and other luxury retailers.

So sure of its success are we, FutureBrand has extended its agreement with Zeca for another three years.