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A More Humane Future


Wilobank is the first 100% digital bank in Argentina, designed to do everything on a smartphone, thus avoiding queuing and filling out forms. Wilobank is a simple, quick, reliable and transparent bank. A new and inclusive way of bringing people into the banking system, with high quality products, low costs and top notch technology.


In an era marked by the Internet, new technologies and micro-moments, a new banking concept along with the compromise to develop it became a necessity. A bank with the purpose of creating a more humane future, focused on the client and on democratizing the benefits of the digital financial era.


Through deep strategic planning, which included renaming and visual identity, FutureBrand developed a powerful and distinctive brand, captured in a fresh, flexible and professional visual system.

The name has various roots: on the one hand “wilo” means “comfort” in Korean; On the other hand, it connotes “willow” tree, which evokes the ideal peaceful setting designed to operate this digital bank, and also, the “will” and “determination” that characterize the millennial generation.


FutureBrand developed the brand to differentiate itself from the traditional idea of a bank and to communicate a service with the power to adapt and ease the users’ life. A digital, transparent, humane, “casual” bank. A free bank. No queues. No bad mood.