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Crazy about wine!


Following its expansion strategy, Mistral – the biggest wine importer in Brazil – has decided to broaden its performance target and reach new publics. In this context, Vinci was born: another brand of the company, younger and modern, offering an exclusive selection of wines.


But how to keep two different brands, with such distinct proposals, within the same company? Our challenge concerning Vinci was to create an identity that could bring its contemporary and bold personality to life, and that, at the same time, could maintain the classical features of sophistication that mark this segment.


From the communication strategy to the graphism, vibrant color palette and strong contrasts, we helped building Vinci a new way of talking about wines. The identity of the brand perfectly illustrates its youthful and lively attitude.



Working with Vinci since its birth, in 2007, we have developed a unique and exclusive brand experience. Today Vinci is one of the most awarded wine importers in Brazil.