TIVIT - FutureBrand



The merger of two players in the IT area - both of them acquired by Votorantim Novos Negócios - led to a major challenge. How can we bring together employees from different organizational cultures in pursuit of a common goal?


When FutureBrand was called to help with this transition, we realized that to achieve a meaningful transformation, we needed to fully embrace this moment of change. To unite both companies under a new brand, we had to understand their individual histories and how they could work together to build the future of IT.



The new brand was created as a symbol of balance between the companies. This concept guided the new positioning, logo, visual identity, and even the construction of their name: TIVIT comes from the combination of TI (IT, in Portuguese), V (from Votorantim), and IT.

The graphic elements showcase the precise balance and assertiveness expected from both teams, while also acknowledging different perspectives and points of view. Engaged from the very beginning, people from various backgrounds and areas of expertise were inspired to work as one, under a new value proposal and towards the same goals.



TIVIT is the leading IT company in Brazil. Since 2014, the brand has nine operating data centers in seven Latin American countries. It also provides services for more than thirty-five countries and almost four thousand clients all over the world. The team expanded as well: now, over twenty-eight thousand employees are daily motivated by everything the brand stands for.