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Think Olga is a Brazilian social innovation organisation that uses communication, technology and education to create a positive impact on women’s lives. Think Olga partnered with FutureBrand to mature the brand while accompanying the desired growth and reach based on in-depth research.


Think Olga's challenge was to represent - through the tone of voice and visual identity - the Diversity & Inclusion that Think Olga promotes. The team, who were composed entirely of women, reflected the desired representative result.


The visual identity FutureBrand created for Think Olga was inspired by writing, using punctuation as a creative element to ensure consistency while sustaining the brand’s strong human spirit. Illustration directions capable of embracing the difference were created – even considering parameters for mixing colours in order to reach the most diverse skin tones without losing the colour palette cohesion.


The result formed a representation of work promoting structural changes at both ends, including the strengthening of the gender equality discussion within FutureBrand São Paulo. In a world where important struggles must be fought to combat violence against women, and to guarantee female representation in spaces of power with gender and wage equality in companies, it is urgent to foster initiatives like this.

Through communication, consciousness-raising and approximation with different audiences, Think Olga believes it is possible for us to live in a world where there is no violence against women and where female intelligence and creativity are valued and shared. This discussion is unavoidable.