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Taking momentum


Banco Supervielle was founded more than 120 years ago and is the fourth private bank of national capital of the argentine banking system.



The accelerated growth of the Supervielle group during the last years, made it essential to strengthen and update the brand. A change of identity was necessary that included all the brands of the group's portfolios.

Supervielle then asked FutureBrand for a comprehensive branding project to review and redefine the architecture and the positioning of the different brands to this new stage of expansion and growth.


Aligned with the business plan, a brand strategy was drawn up that impacted on its brand architecture, its positioning and the bank's visual and verbal identity.
It sought to give greater consistency to the portfolio of brands linked to the banking world and generated a broad and renewed positioning, focused on the customer. This renewal was articulated through a complete identity system and a deep redesign of the layout of all branches to provide quality and differentiation in the customer experience.


FutureBrand defined the purpose of a brand that has gained visibility and consistency and represents the growth challenge of the entity. The successful public offering of shares through the NYSE reflects this new era of Supervielle: providing effective financial solutions with a multi-brand scheme for the different segments.