Studenta - FutureBrand


Transformative knowledge


UOL EdTech decided to expand its operations to Latin America with the internationalisation of its B2C vertical through Passei Direto, the largest collaborative online education platform in Brazil, with more than 10 million active users.


The challenge involved internationalising a brand with a brand positioning and name related to Brazil and the Portuguese language, which until this point had proven to be a barrier for foreign markets.


In a project led by FutureBrand São Paulo with the collaboration of FutureBrand Mexico, Studenta was created to represent Passei Direto in its international markets. With an easy-to-pronounce name, Studenta was born with the aim of expanding access to knowledge and education through a positioning that addresses the power of shared knowledge.


Studenta offers students from all over Latin America a collaborative study network, with easy access to materials, exercise lists and articles. In addition, the brand has a contemporary visual identity, which evokes the student’s lifestyle and expresses the concept of shared knowledge throughout its assets.