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Stattus 4


Stattus 4 is a startup that works with smart cities, internet of things (IOT) and sustainability. The company develops solutions based on artificial intelligence so that natural resources are used in a conscious, rational and sustainable way. As part of their solution, Stattus 4 detect leakages in water and gas distribution systems through a simple, quick and efficient method. With an inspiring motivational approach, Stattus 4 always focuses on improving the world using new technologies.


Stattus 4 offers paradigm-breaking services that changes the way certain services are delivered to clients. By presenting unprecedented solutions, the startup needed to communicate, through its identity, their way of dealing with cities and their connected systems. FutureBrand São Paulo updated the visual identity to draw Stattus 4 nearer to fintechs, IOTs, startups and NGOs that also use technology to improve the world. The new look is as exciting and flexible as its business. Taking into account their talent in the technological and scientific field, the new identity is closer to the appearance of a brand that helps design smart cities.


Stattus 4's brand logo is a variant formed by the number 4, which assumes different shapes on the logotype's background. Robust and impacting, its inspiration comes from water and gas pipes – which are part of the services offered by the brand, as well as representing the essence of Stattus 4. The number 4 used in repetition creates graphisms that take different proportions and shapes, bringing out new dimensions into the visual universe. All these elements, when united, express rationality, elasticity, performance and the high technology used in startup solutions and services.


With the solution FutureBrand created for Stattus 4's identity, we have demonstrated a new era for each innovation, reflecting Stattus 4’s intelligence, agility and flexibility. This new moment gives more visibility to Stattus 4 and its sustainable and entrepreneurial messages, preparing them for the future of the ever-evolving technological universe.