Space Station - FutureBrand

Space Station

Send a new-to-world brand into orbit

When Australia’s largest procurement company, Procurement Australia, recently moved into a high-end new Melbourne CBD office address, they decided to take an extra half-floor to create a hot-desk workspace for SME’s, start-ups and visiting interstate clients.

Complete with sleek lines, uber-modern furniture and premium finishes, amenities and technology, the only thing missing was a cut-through brand to launch it into the world.

The Challenge

We named it Space Station, reflecting the idea that it was a central yet transient place where different people would come together to work side-by-side – you could say, like planets orbiting. What’s more, the fact that it’s located on the 18th floor with an incredible view of the city below and beyond certainly lent itself to the idea of being beyond the clouds, too.

Determined to both match the simplicity and sophistication of the space itself and the idea of ‘space’, the visual identity launched from the basic idea of ‘anti-gravity’.

The Solution

Typography together with a bespoke set of minimalist icons (comprising furniture, TVs, technology, objects and plants found in the space itself) gently float around the brand, giving the subtle yet distinct impression of zero gravity in the heaven’s above. Meanwhile, a colour palette drawn directly from its finishes and furnishings within the space draw the identity together in a smart and authentic way.

Sleek, modern and delightfully simple, Space Station is an identity and spatial experience from another dimension.

The Results

Space Station launched in September 2017.

"In many ways, our brief to create a brand for our co-working space was a blank canvas –we had a great big space in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD with great amenities but no sense of identity. That being said, with so many competitors around us, standing out was critical so we were after a suitably creative, fresh and fun solution that would catch the eye of prospective tenants (including start-ups and sole operators). FutureBrand understood our challenges and created a name and visual identity that does the trick on all fronts. Combining insight with creativity and a dash of fun, Space Station is now in orbit and we couldn’t be happier with it.”
Liz Van Doorn, Director, Strategy, Marketing & Communications