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Building the brand to offer even more support for personal safety


Sonder offers on-demand personal safety and wellbeing support for people around the world, enabling you to feel safe and supported, every minute of every day.



In a world at pace, new places and unfamiliar situations present increased physical and mental risks to all of us – whether you’re an employee working offsite, a student studying overseas, or you simply happen to find yourself in need of help and unsure of whom to call.

Sonder was founded in 2016 in the belief that everyone should have access to help and support in moments they feel unsafe or uncertain. The brand is there to provide guidance and support so people can pursue life with confidence, empowered to make the best decisions for their own safety and wellbeing no matter what life throws at them. This is something that has resonated with users of all types, however Sonder recognised that the path to scale would be better enabled through a brand targeted not only at individual users but more so large enterprises.

Consequently, the strategic challenge was to evolve the brand’s customer value proposition to meet the needs of enterprise customers: organisations with disaggregated workforces and whose employees are being stretched as their working lives take them further afield.



By delving into research with users and facilitating a series of in-depth interviews and co-creation sessions with everyone from the leadership team to liaison officers, we identified key insights into the opportunities and challenges presented by targeting large enterprises.

These insights led us to develop the customer value proposition and its core message of ‘Trusted to care, ready to respond’, a clear and compelling proposition that set the platform from which to communicate the full range and reach of Sonder’s on-demand support.

This proposition extended to the different aspects of Sonder’s support network – namely liaison officers, support centre, app – and to the different needs as felt by those enterprises’ employees, whether they’re feeling in distress, out of reach, in harm’s way or out of their element.



The new enterprise-led customer value proposition has informed and inspired Sonder’s sales approach, enabling sales teams to connect with customers with greater clarity and conviction.

Following the implementation of the reimagined proposition and messaging, Sonder quadrupled their media coverage in mainstream and business publications in the first three months as a result of the brand’s sharper focus, and they have succeeded in closing multiple new client sales at a time when most businesses have slowed under COVID-19.

Chris Marr, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer: “Working with FutureBrand on our brand, customer value proposition and messaging has been a valuable experience. Their ability to take our existing research and strategy and make sense of it has improved our sales approach and helped us grow our business. They took the time to listen and learn, skills that ensured a collaborative process from day one and ultimately a successful outcome.”