Bringing people together


Sentry realised its brand was not an accurate reflection of who they really were and how they conducted business. The ideas of strength, protection and vigilance were table-stakes in the insurance industry. The company’s identity felt too corporate, conservative, sometimes cold and out-of-step with the times.

Our Solution

We created a digital brand experience that lived up to this new position. We created a platform  for dialogue and approachable expertise that helps new and existing customers succeed - by delivering a seamless user experience, credible and compelling content and an opportunity to connect with the Sentry person best placed to solve their business challenges.


Customers often spoke of the way Sentry do business sets them apart from their competitors, and with the redesign, the new website now lives up to the high level of customer experience that Sentry has offered their customers for over 100 years.

Digital Brand Guidelines

Once the design was finalised, we created a fully comprehensive digital style guide that helped bridge the gap between brand strategy and brand experience—by providing aspirational direction for the design of future digital products, including a library of the components used in the design of