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Evoke your inborn game changer


Ayrton Senna, the legendary Formula 1 champion, has lived on the hearts and minds of millions of fans from all over the world – even more so in Brazil, Senna’s home country, where he is hailed as a national hero. Several brands created to honor Ayrton's life and memory are currently managed by the Senna family.


Ayrton Senna is consistently ranked among Brazil’s most valuable athletes. But while there were well-established brands built around his driving career and the causes he supported, there was still an opportunity develop a product oriented brand inspired by his lifestyle and personality.

Approached by the Senna family, FutureBrand São Paulo had the challenging task of developing a brand with the potential to live up to Ayrton’s way of life. Able to stand on an equal footing with the world's most innovative and distinguished lifestyle brands.


At first, a new architecture was created to clearly identify and differentiate the purpose of each brand under Ayrton Senna’s name. Then, we worked to redefine Senna as a product brand for inborn game changers, a powerful statement that resonates with the lifestyle and the aspirations of our target.

The positioning unveiled a group of qualities – daring, passion for high performance, set a new standard and distinct style – that inspired bold expressions and exciting partnerships. Senna’s iconic S-shaped logo was refined along with the creation of a new visual identity: elegant and modern, with a constant sense of movement and speed.


The new positioning and identity of Senna paved the way for strategic partnerships with equally impressive brands. The project lead to the development of exclusive products inspired by Ayrton’s lifestyle, such as a unique line of TAG Heuer watches and a special edition of Ducati motorcycles. And new surprises are already on the way for the fans of Ayrton Senna and the admirers of great products.