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Rugby World Cup

Honour, courage and optimism at the heart of World rugby

FutureBrand have been working with World Rugby since March 2013 as brand guardians, advising on the strategic vision, design and implementation of all branded assets. Global Rugby participation has boomed by more than two million to 6.6 million players over the past four years, driven by the commercial success of the Rugby World Cup, the IRB’s development strategies and record investment, strong and vibrant Unions and Rugby’s re-inclusion in the Olympic Games. Following a major rebranding programme with FutureBrand, the International Rugby Board became World Rugby in November 2014. The new brand, including a new logo, was launched with the aim to deliver the federation’s mission to build a stronger connection with fans, players and commercial partners, and ultimately engage with new audiences worldwide.

At the heart of the brand is a distinctive positioning, defined by character-building values of honour, courage and optimism. This is expressed visually within a modern and progressive visual identity that retains a link to the organisation’s heritage through its blue and green colour scheme. With Rugby aspiring to inspire and engage new audiences and players around the world, the rebrand reflects the organisation’s mission to build a stronger connection with fans, players and new audiences worldwide.

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"Supported by a new name, a distinctive, optimistic and progressive new brand, and clear character-building values World Rugby collectively has the ingredients and tools to do just that. We want everyone to feel connected with the sport and Rugby’s ongoing success story. Our new brand certainly stands out and enables us to promote our consumer-facing properties in a way that they will be more appealing and impactful to the sport’s growing global fan base."

World Rugby Chief Executive, Brett Gosper
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