Recarlo - FutureBrand


Branding Italian Jewellery


Recarlo creates premium jewels, using the purest diamonds. It has done so since 1967. The brand needed a way to more effectively express its fundamental values without neglecting its history.

FutureBrand were tasked to create a brand positioning that could simultaneously reflect on Recarlo’s regional and historical values by respecting the excellence of the brand’s goldsmith talent. The Piedmont region, the land of the kings and natural elegance, has provided for the fundamentals of the strategic thinking.



FutureBrand has developed the “Piedmontese regality” brand concept. It is depicted by the choice of an intense blue shade, inspired by the Savoy royal family, combined with an elegant black and strokes of pink gold. Connecting the past with the present reflects perfectly the brand’s spirit.

Furthermore FutureBrand has created the new Recarlo blue velvet jewels packages, the PoS display material, and the corporate advertising campaign based on the delivery of Recarlo’s jewels seen from a female point of view. Refined black and white pictures describe the emotions related to those unique moments.



Recarlo’s new brand image, makes it easier for the company to communicate with a younger audience. Millennials, who love to mix heritage with innovation, vintage with modernity, and who will be able to relate with passion to a jewel brand knowing their history and expertise in the business.