Everything that’s tasty


Ragazzo, an Italian restaurant known for its fast and tasty meals, confided in FutureBrand São Paulo to play an important role in its big business expansion.


The challenge for this project was to create a brand positioning, identity and experience to lead this time of transformation. The restaurant was still seen as a generic Italian fast food brand. Besides, its main product is the coxinha (a fried snack made of soft dough filled with shredded chicken), which is typically Brazilian.


Ragazzo is part of people’s routine, whether for home delivery, in restaurants, or subway kiosks. Its new visual identity brought vibrant colors and patterns that convey its products’ textures. The verbal identity brings the crunch + 'mmm' sound – conveying its crunchy outside and soft inside, a quality that dominates most of the chain’s menu. We gave the store a sensorial experience, connecting app, website and campaigns with Ragazzo’s best: irresistible little snacks.


FutureBrand transformed Ragazzo into an on-the-go chain with a unique personality and affordable quality food. Ragazzo went from an Italian restaurant with coxinha to a specialist in delicious food for any time. From just easy, to easy and indulgent. From popular, to cult status across all classes. From restaurant-based, to on-the-go driven. From generic experience, to connected brand experience.

“FutureBrand’s team had the sensitivity to lead the work of a brand that had family origins, where the logo was a basic illustration of the face of the founder’s son, to transforming it into a global, contemporary brand that truly expresses the values practiced and projects a strong and beautiful visual identity” - André Marques, Marketing Director, Ragazzo.