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Conquering the craft beer planet


The global craft beer market is growing at an accelerated pace, and - with an annual expansion ranging between 30 and 40% on the last years - Argentina is no exception.

Motivated by the enthusiasm behind a business that keeps growing in numbers as well as in its magic/mystique, a group of associates with ample experience within the industry decided to embark on the adventure of creating their own beer. They carefully developed an ambicious, integral project, divided in stages or phases that encompassed the beer's brand creation, the launch of "the house of beer" (located at a place that used to be a historical, renown confectionery/café, "La París" in Buenos Aires), the construction of the factory where the beer is to be crafted, and included the final phase of the product's distribution across various supermarket retail chains. The challenge was to maintain the beer's artisanal value, as well as its personality. And that had to be transmited by the brand.


FutureBrand had to create and identity that could successfully encompass all these various instances: product creation, consumption area, elaboration factory and presence on gondolas at retail spaces, so as to play within an increasingly competitive and diverse market. This identity had to generate immediate empathy and recognition so as to pave the way for a potent growth in the near future.


By means of an in-depth strategy workplan that included naming, verbal complement and brandbook creation, FutureBrand developed a potent and differential brand, brought to life by an attractive and flexible visual system.

The name ("rabieta" means "tantrum" in Spanish) engages playfully with the verbal complement ("cerveza artesanal malcriada", roughly translates as "spoiled craft beer"), allowing the brand to reflect its unique and strong personality in an original way.



Rabieta expresses its original personality by conducting the experience of this unique craft beer across all its touchpoints.