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Pure Gym

A Custom Fit for Every Body


Pure Gym had become the largest gym chain in the UK, after leading the low cost revolution in gym membership. They challenged traditional players, disrupting the complacent market with low cost membership, no contracts, 24 hour opening and a no-frills approach focusing on the things that matter (the facilities) and not the things that don’t (such as pools and saunas which were rarely used).


Defending their hard-won market-share against a growing number of low-cost copycat rivals risked a race to the bottom, so PureGym asked us to look at their own fitness for the challenges ahead.


Pure Gym believes in providing a custom fit for every body. The brand exposes typical gym chains as the cynical offering that they are, and offers a more premium-feeling experience than other low cost gyms for the same price. Where others deceive with grey areas, vague promises or elitist images of an unobtainable ideal, Pure Gym is the honest brand that lays everything out in black & white.

The new logo represents a flexible space that fits around the customer, while the simple and direct identity is powered by an adaptable elastic graphic language and a refreshing tone of voice.


“It’s rare that you sit in a pitch and the team completely ‘get’ what you’re trying to achieve. With a couple of tweaks we’re able to sign off the pitch creative as our core brand change. We’ve been impressed with the level of care and attention that goes into each output, especially the more ‘unusual’ requests we’ve thrown in along the way.

The work we’ve seen is brilliant, and we’re incredibly excited about taking our new identity to the streets, and proud to have FutureBrand as part of our team.”

Paul Kirwan, Marketing Director