Prestigio - FutureBrand


Shaping the future of colours

Prestigio is the largest independent painting chain in Argentina. With 43 years of experience in the market, they have more than 70 branches located in CABA, GBA, Mendoza, Misiones, Rio Grande and Uruguay.

The challenge

Fifteen years after launching a new identity with FutureBrand and revolutionizing the house painting category, this leader sought to give a strong sign of reinvention that would change the rules of the competitive landscape once more and provide a seamless and consistent experience across all touch points.

The solution

Prestigio had gained an important territory in terms of inspiration and color. Yet, nowadays, thanks to the digital revolution, people don’t necessarily need inspiration: instead, they need to be empowered to take action.

Thus, the old tagline changed from “Inspire your colour” (“Inspira tu color”) to “Changes that talk about you” (“Cambios que hablan de vos”). In the central brand idea, each person became the protagonist of their story - a story in which Prestigio encourages self-expression through home decor, a way of transforming spaces into real environments.

The results

In July 2017, Prestigio started to change its physical touch points. Noble materials and a different store layout proposed new solutions. Through a system that reorganized and equalized its communications according to each designated audience and/or channel, the brand seeks to provide a consistent and seamless experience.

Thus, with a conceptual framework that links the business to the brand, Prestigio transcends the color offer and fully enters the home decor, care and maintenance territory.