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A new reputation for an old friend

Since dividing from Royal Mail Group, the Post Office have diversified into a supermarket-of-services; from financial services to travel money to passport applications to mobile.


Although their portfolio offered truly relevant products they were struggling to shake off the perception that choosing them only meant frustration and queues. The new brand had to represent something new in many already-crowded categories.


Taking the existing brand promise of ‘Making the important things in life happen’ we developed the creative idea of Joyfully Simple and a personality to guide the expression based around three creative co-ordinates of Uplifting, Purposeful and Positively Surprising.

These ideas were creatively executed using ‘The Post Office Effect’. Acting as a thread in the form of hand-drawn elements that change an image of an everyday object, this creates a visual metaphor of the Post Office changing and adding value to customer’s lives.

The intention was to raise a smile and make customers think of the Post Office as a beloved asset.


“FutureBrand have delivered a fantastic new brand identity for Post Office. The fresh new colour palette helps bring such modernity to the brand, increasing its relevance and appeal, whilst the illustrative doodle really brings out the Post Office effect – the transformational way in which the brand adds value to every aspect of our customers lives, whether that’s through turning a parcel into an express delivery, helping a passport application unlock a holiday, or a mortgage application helping you buy your dream home. We are thrilled with the work and cannot wait to see it on all our collateral in 2015.”

Radha Davies, Head of Brand and Customer Engagement, Post Office