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Positive Ventures is a Venture Capital firm with a positive impact that invests in businesses that solve social and environmental challenges with technology and scalability. For Positive Ventures, each investment must generate economic, social and environmental value.


The challenge was to evolve the positioning of Positive Ventures in order to correspond to the essence of the brand and then express this in a distinct and precise visual and verbal identity. Positive Ventures were looking to change the current way of thinking. To change the course of the world’s capital flow, redirecting it towards projects that focus on reducing social inequality and addressing climate issues.


The starting point was creating a new future by redefining the value of money - which is sustained by its beliefs in power - when it can be used within science as a powerful instrument for reaching the truth, and in the strength of an engaged community. This purpose is what connects Positive Ventures with like-minded entrepreneurs, with who they continue to establish a unique relationship with for these decisive investments.


As a result, Future Ventures' positioning evolved, gaining a bold and positive tone, materialised in an inspiring manifesto. The verbal and visual identity is translated into compositions inspired by concrete poetry, with a more graphic and almost symbolic language to convey the messages that the brand spreads, appropriating a transforming activist aspect and drawing attention to this content. This new visual universe has recently come to life on social media, company presentations and across Future Ventures' digital platforms.