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Pay ID

Pay ID

The Challenge

The New Payments Platform, an organisation founded through the cooperation of Australia’s largest banks created Australia’s first ‘Addressing Service’, designed to link BSB and account numbers to memorable pieces of information like email addresses and mobile numbers, and transfer payments in near real-time. Keeping its innovation open to all, the Addressing Service could be used by banks to make life more convenient to its customers or other companies eager to harness its new functionality.

But how do you encourage consumer usage of a service never before seen in a nation and whose value lay in its technical detail? And how do you create a meaningful brand that comfortably sits within other potent brand experiences like those of large banks?

The Solution

To encourage the adoption of a universal service that connected and made life easier for millions of Australians, we placed a focus on ensuring that never before seen technology could still be understood, and valued, by all. We named the service PayID, emphasising payment made direct and personal. Alongside the name was an equally simple messaging system that explained the technical in everyday language, to be used by other organisations leveraging PayID functionality and help them communicate the benefits to their customers whether it’s online, in-app, on TV or in transit. The PayID wordmark has also been designed with partnership and utility as a focus, distinctive even at very small sizes to lend itself to payment products’ user interfaces and banks’ broader brand experiences.

Pay ID

The Result

Whether it’s paying the bills, content subscription, or online shopping, payment has become near frictionless. But in Australia, one point of friction still remained, having to remember and enter troublesome account numbers for even the simplest of payments. Enter ‘PayID’, an Australia-wide service to make payments unprecedentedly convenient.