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Welcome to the New Outback


Outback is an Australian steak restaurant, founded in 1988. There are nearly 1,000 outlets in over 22 countries. Outback is known for delivering a great food, impeccable service and a special experience to its customers. Brazil is one of Outback’s most important markets. Despite being at the top of its game, the brand wanted to renew its overall experience to strengthen its presence.


Working with a beloved brand such as Outback always poses a challenge: how to redefine an experience that, day and night, thousands of people form a line to try? That was Futurebrand’s main question when we were approached to help design the future Outback. We knew that thinking about individual touchpoints wasn’t enough. To really convey meaning, we needed to create a comprehensive and truly connected experience. One that was able to tell a powerful story and highlight the icons and messages that made Outback what it is today.


Alongside the Outback team, we turned the brand strategy into a unique, memorable experience. Since the new Outback is closer to its Aussie roots, Australia itself sets the tone for our journey: from the desert-inspired waiting area to the city lights at the bar, from the Aboriginal references at the restaurant to the roadtrip vibe at the restrooms.

FutureBrand was involved in designing every step of the way: storytelling building, visual identity of all the materials, photographic style, complete decoration of the shops, the Outbackers’ uniforms, new menus, presentation of the dishes, reception guidelines and the digital experience.


The New Outback brings the brand closer to its original essence, while also taking it to the future. Customers are now invited to a powerful and impressive experience through Outback’s Aussie roots. The unity is running since the end of 2016, being positively received by the media and the customers alike. It has become the new standard for the “Outback moment” – a model that’s about to be applied to every new Brazilian unity in the near future.

"This project brings us closer to our essence and also takes Outback to the future. To see how everything turned out is both powerful and impressive. FutureBrand shares our passion. They were truly able to capture Outback’s soul."
Salim Maroun, CEO of Bloomin' Brands