Ostrum - FutureBrand


Funding Your Tomorrow

Natixis Asset Management was the leading Asset Management affiliate of Groupe BPCE - the second largest banking player in France.

Renamed Ostrum Asset Management in 2018, the company needed a new brand to establish themselves within an extremely competitive business landscape.

The Challenge

Ostrum Asset Management needed to shine again within Groupe BPCE and stand out boldly within the financial competitive landscape. They also had a complex brand architecture which led to confusion between their previous identity and their mother Brand: Natixis Investment Managers.

Furthermore, the new brand needed to bring together the 620 employees around collective and galvanising change.

The Solution

To embrace the process of change, we placed Ostrum’s whole team and key stakeholders at the forefront and agree on a common purpose: to join our forces to fund people’s tomorrow.

We developed a new graphic and sonic identity that shines bright in and out of Groupe BPCE, embodying Ostrum’s agile and collaborative mindset, the depth and accuracy of their research.

More importantly, we turned this brand identity project into a global cultural change process adopted by each employee and brought to life by Oscar, a mascot that carries the company’s values.

The Reaction

In its 30 year of existence, this rebrand became a high point of the company’s cultural transformation. More than a rebrand, this marks the rebirth of a company, the people inside, and the brand they carry going in to the future.

“This transformation is not a rupture, it’s a rebirth.”

Ibrahima Khobar - Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Global CIO