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Orchestre de Paris

Orchestre de Paris

A new home prompts a visual refresh


In January 2015, Orchestre de Paris, a French symphonic orchestra moves to the Philharmonie de Paris, the new and impressive architectural temple dedicated to classical music, designed by renowned architect Jean Nouvel.

Moving from Salle Pleyel in the 17th district to the Philharmonie de Paris in the 19th was the perfect opportunity for Orchestre de Paris to reinvent itself.


Such a move is challenging, as the Orchestre de Paris was keen on retaining its current audience while addresing a wider one with one ambition - making classical music more democratic. It was the opportunity for Orchestre de Paris to reinvent itself and become the benchmark in the symphonic orchestra panorama


FutureBrand developed a methodology to address that challenge by :

1. Positioning Orchestre de Paris as an inviting and vibrant brand that looks to immerse audiences to experience classical music.

2. Bring the brand singularity back to the heart of Orchestre de Paris, by building on the Parisian spirit and making Orchestre de Paris it's spokesperson.

3. Reinforcing the brand impact and recognition by creating a strong brand and coherent brand architecture.


12,000 new clients have registered in 3 months since the launch of the new identity.

Concerts for 2015 are booked up to 90% on average.

3 times more brochures have been distributed at the Philharmonie than at the previous venue, Salle Pleyel.