Octoly - FutureBrand


Empowering the creators

Today, in many sectors like beauty or lifestyle, micro-creators and communities are connected with brands shaping the future of influence marketing.

Octoly has developed an online platform that gives creators a free and easy access to a selection of beauty products to review on social media.

The Challenge

Octoly challenged FutureBrand to help them dominate the competition in a PR market where traditional agencies and disrupting solutions are fighting to control communities.

In order to survive, Octoly needed a brand that could position themselves to attract the maximum number of influencers on the platform, whilst keeping them active and promoting interest for products and advice to help grow their communities.

The Solution

We helped Octoly go beyond a simple free marketplace and position it as a lifestyle brand committed to the development of their creators’ communities.

We gave Octoly a mission with a clear purpose: ‘Empowering creator women to become successful entrepreneurs’, along with a tone of voice reflecting the authentic and dynamic spirit of the brand.

Finally, we created a bold and elegant brand identity with a logo inspired from feminine press and lifestyle magazines in a rich and playful universe, mixing a fashion and beauty iconography with coloured shapes and a range of patterns that evoke female creativity.

The Results

Octoly attracted fund raising of 9M € in November 2017 after the new brand launch.

They have more than 10,000 creators in Octoly’s community - gathering 1 billion followers.