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Nike Women

Nike Women

Free Yourself


The international 'Free Yourself' Nike campaign was the starting point for the retail concept project developed for the Nike Stadium Milano.


Nike has asked to FutureBrand to create a special retail concept inspired by the flexibility and elasticity of their women’s Free sneakers.

The freedom granted by Nike training, running and sportswear collections especially designed for female athletes and sports enthusiasts had to be central to the entire project as well as a multisensorial customer experience inside the store in the heart of Milano.

Nike Women


The new FREE concept has been conceived like an organic sequence of elements connected by the use of 5000 meters of black and vibrant pink hi-tech fabric.

The display areas at Nike Stadium have been design to talk to one another so that there is no real physical separation between them.

The Free Yourself concept is also represented on the walls thanks to the illustrations of Camilla Falsini and Gio Pistone and the images of the NY photographer Skye Parrott.


A highly creative concept has given new life to a special place such a Nike Stadium.

Every detail is focused on the product's main features and everything – materials, colours, images, displays, volumes, space – contribute to the transformation of the visual perception and the dramatization of the brand values