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Nestlé – Classic Chocolate Eggs

Nestlé – Classic Chocolate Eggs


In 2008, FutureBrand was called to create a special edition of the classic Nestlé chocolate eggs. We understood from the very beginning that Easter in Brazil is a season of great challenges.


Year after year, brands try to set themselves apart from one another in a highly competitive environment, and packaging is the primary touchpoint available to communicate value and distinction. We set ourselves to highlight Nestlé’s rich history through powerful packages that could eventually become collector items.


Nostalgia was a major factor in the making of this project. While most brands relied on modern-day characters and juvenile appeal, FutureBrand focused on the emotional connection between the people and the brand itself. We created a surprising package that speaks directly to the hearts and minds of customers.

The chocolate eggs came inside a set of charming cans, inspired by vintage milk buckets. The predominance of red and the retro drawings depicting family scenes from the 1950s are a clear reference to Nestlé’s tradition in chocolate-making and in building happy family moments.


FutureBrand’s work for Nestlé’s vintage Easter cans was awarded the silver medal at the 2008 Pentawards, the worldwide contest that recognizes excellence in package design.


Pentawards 2008: Packaging Design