nesQino - FutureBrand



FutureBrand has partnered with Nestlé to launch nesQino – a smart, simple solution that enables people to personalise healthy superfood drinks made with only natural ingredients and nothing else, at home or in the office.


FutureBrand was challenged with developing a healthy beverage brand that will be at the forefront of Nestlé’s ambition to enhance quality of life and contribute to a healthier future.

A brand that would be founded on delivering a powerful combination of health, taste, convenience and personalisation.


Based on deep consumer insights & a truly cross-functional team of experts, nesQino is a ‘new to world’ innovation that meets consumers ever-increasing demands to stay in-control of their health without sacrificing taste or variety.

Partnering with Nestlé, FutureBrand created the visual identity system for nesQino, using Nestlé’s Five Senses framework as a starting point to provide inspiration for a consistent and impactful sensorial experience across all touchpoints.

We created a visual identity to realise the iconic potential of nesQino. As well as being instantly recognisable, the visual identity is intuitive, enabling consumers to understand how the system works, and showcase the endless tasty possibilities on offer.

A digital-first approach ensured the visual identity system was consistent, compelling and cohesive enough to build the entire D2C ecosystem out from it.


“We are very excited for the launch of nesQino in China, offering a carefully curated wellness experience that fits the lifestyle of young generations, combining the best of nature with technology, in a smart and personalised way” - Marisol Giacomelli, Global Category Leader, Nestlé

“We used a digital-first approach in our designs, ensuring the visual identity system was consistent and cohesive enough to build the entire D2C ecosystem out from it. Coupled with this, the brand has been designed to look and feel like a friendly peer - a welcome addition to your daily routine - rather than a complicated nutrition brand based on heavy scientific claims. All of this relates back to Nestlé’s fundamental belief that being healthy should be simple, straightforward, and most of all it should be enjoyable.” - Marshall Ward, Senior Vice President, FutureBrand