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Neptuno - Atlético de Madrid Premium

Neptuno - Atlético de Madrid Premium

A unique brand experience, in an exclusive space.


Neptuno Atlético de Madrid Premium is the brand associated to all the VIP experiences of Atlético de Madrid’s football stadium.


FutureBrand were tasked to develop a brand that would reflect the reality of the Hospitality area of the new Atletico de Madrid stadium: Wanda Metropolitano.

A new brand to address not only the fans, but also the entire city of Madrid including the vibrant live sports and entertainment industry. This broad project spanned strategic brand definition, creation of the brand's identity and strategic brand activation.


The identity of Neptuno Atlético de Madrid Premium had to build an exclusive and different brand that would generate the desire to know and discover what was behind it. A new, modern and aspirational brand - representing an exclusive environment -requires that all its tools reflect those same values.

Neptuno Atlético de Madrid Premium does not only represent a VIP area of a football stadium, but a completely new global experience, which reinterprets the way we understand and enjoy sport from this area. All of this had to be reflected in the communications launched to the mass media.

In terms of the colour range, we highlighted elegance using blue, combined with the warmth and care provided by beige. The red is a wink to the Club's identity.


"We have worked to create the most exclusive VIP product with those fans and companies in mind, who want to be the best hosts for their customers."

Enrique Cerezo - President, Atlético Madrid