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National Council of Social Services - Singapore

The employment market in Singapore is highly competitive, to say the least. With many youngsters guided by their parents to become corporate citizens, it’s difficult for lesser-paid yet more virtuous and fulfilling occupations to attract new talent.

The Challenge

So it was that Singapore’s vital social services sector was facing this very challenge as it battled a widespread misunderstanding of both the professionalism and diversity of the roles on offer, notoriously low pay rates and a perception that the sector is simply for volunteers.

To fight against these misperceptions, the National Council of Social Services asked FutureBrand to build and release a new employer brand that would elevate the sector, set the record straight and, above all, communicate authentically and resonate effortlessly with the next generation of current and future job seekers in Singapore. Or, to quote one of the organisation’s senior leaders, “How might we make social services sexy?!”

The Solution

Understanding both Singapore’s job seekers and the sector’s drivers was paramount, so we worked with a leading research agency to conduct a comprehensive research program that provided us with all the insights, hot buttons and empirical evidence we needed to create a brand fit for purpose. The two key take-outs from research were that the social services sector was a collective of like-minded people with shared values, motivations and purpose, and that working in the sector provided a unique opportunity to effect meaningful change in people’s lives and in Singaporean society at large.

Putting these insights together, we built a brand strategy around a simple yet compelling brand idea – ‘Cause & Effect’. And, after giving the employer brand a suitably relevant and dynamic name, Tribe (which talks to the collective spirit, belief and actions of the sector’s professional workforce), we created a confident, vibrant and modern brand identity that combines dots (representing sector professionals and organisations) with bold, fluid lines (representing action, impacts and momentum) to share a powerful story across every touchpoint: that the social services sector in Singapore is fast paced, ever-evolving and a place where collaboration delivers life-changing results.

The Results

The new brand has shifted the sector from one that was apologetic and meek to one that’s now suitably proud and brimming with well-deserved gravitas, Tribe is a future brand that will help change the face of not only the sector but ultimately Singapore’s society for years to come.

“Our work with FutureBrand was challenging: how to brand a whole sector? They delivered above and beyond their mandate in a way that was both meaningful and innovative. They not only took the time to understand our needs, they also took the time to explain to us the ways this or that alternative approach would work for us until we landed on the right strategy… and then helped us sell it throughout our many stakeholders. And besides, they were a true pleasure to work with!"
Dr. Fermin Diez, Deputy CEO and Group Director, Human Capital Development Group