Mupy - FutureBrand



Mupy was Brazil’s first soy-based beverage, a classic brand that is widely beloved by its customers and popularly known by its packaging. Approaching its 40th anniversary, Mupy invited FutureBrand São Paulo to upgrade its visual identity.



We developed a contemporary identity that could expand the brand to new audiences and territories, while maintaining the nostalgic spirit and open-hearted energy of Mupy.


Returning to the brand’s origins, when Mupy was created by a first generation Japanese immigrant who still serves as the company’s leader. The brand is still guided by the same commitment with quality, healthiness, flavour, and respect - attributes that were at the center of this project.

The happy-go-lucky attitude makes a direct link with people’s childhood memories: inspired by kawaii aesthetics, the classic plastic bags were turned into characters, representing the beverage’s multiple flavours.


The refreshed identity can reach new audiences while putting nostalgia in the spotlight. Mupy is now a brand that delivers a connected experience, present in relaxed, laid-back moments.

ABRE - Brazilian Packaging

Graphic Design - Food and Beverage Redesign (Silver)