McKesson - FutureBrand


Gaining the profile deserved

As a Fortune 50 company - and facilitator of better health - McKesson came to FutureBrand to gain the higher profile it deserves. With hospitals adopting McKesson’s technology to digitize their records, a majority of doctors’ offices using its supplies and pharmacists using their robotics to reduce medication errors, the company’s influence and footprint in healthcare were undeniable.


Simultaneously, though, the impressive size of the company and breadth of its offerings made it difficult for varied audiences to appreciate just how significant McKesson’s impact was, and how they could each relate to the brand.



“For Better Health” is a compelling idea that encapsulates what McKesson stands for, yet is broad enough to be relevant across its entire set of audiences.

McKesson needed to be able to communicate its incredible impact on healthcare across every segment, while remaining relevant to all the company’s many audiences. There was also an opportunity to
prove that business health and patient health aren’t at odds with one
another, but rather two facets of the same mission.



Externally, it explains to pharmacists, physicians and institutions alike what McKesson does and how it is relevant to them, specifically. Internally, it becomes a rallying cry to give employees a sense of purpose. Our teams used this key idea to create a brand presence—from compelling messaging to a visual identity—that evokes McKesson’s influence and impact across the multiple facets of healthcare.