Luolai - FutureBrand


Refreshing a Chinese homewares brand for the global market

Luolai is a 25 year-old brand of textiles and homewares in China, incorporating sub-brands like Lavie as the channel brand for high-end brands, Luolai for traditional textile brands, Luolai Home for homewares and LOVO for e-commerce.

The Challenge

Changing consumer lifestyles and needs – plus changing competitive dynamics – had led Luolai to evolve its business strategy and accompanying portfolio. Business expansion had added more sub-brands into the portfolio, creating inconsistency and even confusion. Consequently, the brand needed a change in brand strategy, architecture and identity to accommodate the business strategy, compete more effectively and drive sales in tier 1 and tier 2 cities.

The Solution

Reinvigorating the Luolai brand started with an in-depth analysis to guide the development of a group brand strategy, incorporating the new Luolai group brand, the original Luolai brand for textiles and a new sub-brand Luolai Home into one harmonious brand architecture system.

Having then defined and articulated a clear positioning for each brand in the portfolio, we developed the accompanying brand identities to give a global, upmarket and modern feel to each brand according to its target customer.

For the original Luolai brand, its identity evolved to introduce new elements to its recognisable icon and developing an expanded visual system to flex across every touchpoint, from in-store to at-home.

For the Luolai group brand, there remains a strong association with its portfolio but the differences come through the supporting graphics, colours and patterns.

The Results

The new brand was launched to franchisees and employees in June 2017 to a very positive reception at Luolai’s annual conference.