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Lenovo Motorola

Lenovo Motorola

Giving Moto back its mojo


HelloMoto. One of the most iconic moments of the mobile revolution. Back in the early noughties, Motorola was a RAZR-sharp player in the phone market. And that was just the latest in a long line of achievements for Motorola, an American icon. But by 2012, the brand that made it possible to hear from the men on the moon had been eclipsed. In 2014, Lenovo stepped in, buying Motorola from Google with the ambition of re-establishing Moto’s mojo.


The scope comprised brand and creative strategy, nomenclature, identity development, guidelines and specific applications, such as the ‘Moodle’ that greets a user as their phone powers up.


Lenovo commissioned FutureBrand as its global brand partner to reinvent Motorola by creating a new visual identity. Using Lenovo’s brand personality, we developed a creative strategy that would disrupt the ‘less is more’ visual norms of the category with a ‘more is more’ approach. The visual identity deliberately subverts the established codes of the category, with the intention of driving reappraisal of Moto.

Lenovo Motorola


With a global roll out in place and award wins, Moto just got its mojo back.


Transform Awards Europe: Best Overall Visual Identity
Transform Awards Europe: Best Visual Identity from the technology, media and telecommunications sector