Korff was founded in Italy in the 1970s and soon became a leading brand in the pharmaceutical beauty market thanks to the high quality of their products. In 2009, it became part of Istituto Ganassini, a well-established Italian pharmaceutical Group, specializing in high quality personal care and beauty products which strengthened its capabilities and range. Today, the Korff brand and its products exemplify the perfect match between sensorial pleasure and advanced technology.


FutureBrand was tasked with transforming the Korff brand with a focus on bringing to the fore the company’s cosmetic and scientific expertise through distinctive and unique brand language. It was also crucial that Korff’s heritage and expertise in creating high quality products was effectively conveyed.


The team began by pinpointing how they could express the enormous potential of the Korff brand and found the answer in the strategic concept ‘The Science in Beauty’. It perfectly captured what Korff stands for and can authentically claim as their brand promise – cutting edge scientific products which cosmetically enhance beauty.

“The strategic idea supports and validates the positioning of Korff, a brand pursuing beauty through the most advanced scientific research and innovation. The results are scientifically high performing products that in addition to their proved efficacy offer a sensorial and gratifying experience,” Elena Tornabene, Client Leader – FutureBrand Milan.



Korff’s new brand identity successfully represents the brand’s dual purpose to deliver beauty through technological innovation by connecting science and beauty visual codes and making the brand promise more relevant and evident to those seeking superior, high quality beauty products.