Juventus - FutureBrand


The making of a unique brand experience


Juventus FC is one of the best known football teams worldwide, founded over 100 years ago. Its track record of victories is impressive as well as the number of supporters following the team around the world.

Inaugurated in 2011, the Juventus Stadium in Turin is the home of the football team, an iconic place for every football lover.



The inauguration of the Stadio delle Alpi was the starting point for the creation of two Nike Gameday stores and a VIP store. The aim of the spaces was to allow Juventus supporters to discover team merchandise before and after matches, and to be a space where VIP guests can experience the power of Juventus' history in a refined and exciting environment.

FutureBrand was appointed with the task of developing two different retail concepts for the Juventus Stadium stores.



The two Gameday stores are a modern version of the temple where pre and post match rites are celebrated. A special stretched metal foil wraps the retail area, where customers can find the Nike Replica collection and have the chance of having their purchases customized by the staff. Mega screens placed outside the stores show live images of the arena.

The VIP store has been conceived like an intimate and exclusive space characterized by glass showcases and black and white leather walls. The customer experience is extremely innovative and refined just like in a luxury shop.



The Gameday stores and the VIP store effectively address two different targets, offering a total experience of the Juventus brand by playing on different emotional chords.

On the one hand the Gameday stores provide a more passionate experience, whereas the VIP store acts as a brand exhibition, where every detail is designed to embody the elegance and royalty of the “Vecchia Signora” Juventus.